Parent Reviews 

 "I have had my twins at Miss Nisa's since they were nine weeks old, and I had to return to work.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about her.  Her house is beautiful, with gorgeous rooms for both babies and toddlers.  She is a warm, loving person who my babies just adore.  She has been an absolute god send to me. It was hard for me to leave my babies, but I feel good knowing they are with someone who is so trustworthy and loving.  I recommend her to anyone who wants their children to be well taken care of."

-Lauren K.

"Miss Nisa's day care is wonderful. My son loves it there! He has a hard time being away from mom, and Miss Nisa always comforts him until he feels better. Miss Nisa is always caring and puts the kids safety and well being first. I don't know what i would do without Miss Nisa because it is so hard to leave your child to go to work but knowing he is well taken care of and having a good time makes it a little easier." 

-Steve T.


"I bring my 4 year old daughter to Nisa for drop ins every now and then and she is wonderful.  My daughter loves going to Miss Nisa's and getting to visit her."

-Kimberly G. 

My twins have been with Miss Nisa's Family Daycare since they were 9 weeks old....they are now 27 months. This daycare has been the best thing that has ever happened to my family. My twins - Jacob & Aliyah love it there and have thrived. They come home happy every day! Miss Nisa is a the most amazing, wonderful, warm, caring person who loves all of these children like her own. I highly recommend Miss Nisa's Family Daycare!!!
-Ken K.


  "I feel so blessed to have found Miss Nisa... my son has been so well taken care of and has changed so much in the 5 months he has been with Miss Nisa and her staff. I feel so at ease during the day knowing that he is getting the love and care he would receive at home as well as all the skills he is learning as part of the preschool program. I reccommed Miss Nisa's family daycare all the way!!!!! "

-Jacklyn P.

"Our daughter has been with Miss Nisa for almost 2 years now and soon will be going to preschool. We will be so sad to leave, but I am so pleased that our daughter will be more than prepared for preschool with her knowledge of her letters, numbers, colors, shapes etc. 

Our son has been with Miss Nisa for over 6 months and he is doing so well. I greatly appreciate everything they do for him because I know - he is high maintenance. Miss Nisa and her staff are so patient with him and I thank them every day for that

-Carey L.  

"Miss Nisa's is an AMAZING day care facility! My daughter has been there for almost two years now and I cannot imagine being a working mother without them.  My daughter is always eager and excited to go spend her weekdays there.  Not only is she well cared for and learning her ABCs and numbers but her entire vocabulary and other life skills continues to improve more than I think we could do on our own.  Miss Nisa and her staff are incredible and truly are as good as it gets!"

-Danea M. 

"My daughters went to Miss Nisa October 2010 to October 2011.  We went through 5 daycare's before we found Miss Nisa.  When we had our first meeting, she was very kind to answer my pages of questions that I had accumulated from my previous daycare providers.  She was the best provider we had.  We left in October 2011 when we moved out of state.  I have missed her daycare everyday since.  We haven't been able to find anyone as good since. My daughters came home everyday with something new they made or learned.  They loved singing me the songs they learned there.  I truly believe that because of the great learning environment Miss Nisa has, that my daughters are doing great in school and  pre-school.  My girls still talk about Miss Nisa and the fun things they did there.  Her care and wonderful environment made a definite impact on them.  Thank you Nisa for the great care you gave my girls."

-Tera C. 

"Miss Nisa's daycare is the first daycare that my 23 month old daughter has ever been to. As a young mom, I was terrified to put my daughter into any daycare, but Miss Nisa, her staff, and her daycare are AMAZING and so warm! I am such a worrying mom, and miss Nisa always texts me throughout the day with pictures of My daughter during daycare and tells about how she is, which is so appreciated and above and beyond what ordinary daycare teachers do. I'm so thankful I found miss Nisa's daycare and I guarantee my daughter will be attending Miss Nisa's daycare for as long as possible :)"

-Josh & Ally S. 


I just wanted to write an updated review for Miss Nisa's Family Daycare. My daughter who is now 2 1/2, has been attending Miss Nisa's daycare for about 8 months now. I am SHOCKED every day to see how much my child has learned here. She absolutely loves going here, and I can honestly say that everyday my daughter comes home expressing something new that she has learned. To put it in perspective, 8 months ago before attending Miss Nisa's daycare, my daughter could hardly communicate through words. 8 months later, she sings songs, she can count to 20, she speaks in full sentences, can say almost all of her alphabet, and so much more. At this moment, my daughter brought be a book with a clock on it, and exclaims, "Mommy, Tic-Toc, Tic-Toc, your turn to do the clock". I had no idea she knew what a clock was until moments ago, and Miss Nisa and her wonderful staff are to thank for this. Miss Nisa's Family Daycare is HIGHLY recommended, and not to mention, they are extremely flexible. Thank you Miss Nisa and Crew! 

-Josh & Ally S.

"Our son has been going to Miss Nisa's Family Day Care for almost 1 year now and we've been very happy with it.  It's obvious he has a great time at day care from how happy he is when we pick him up.  We get updates on how his day is going, picture messages, and they tell us more about how his day went when we pick him up.  We feel really lucky that we found Miss Nisa's Family Day Care."

Thomas & Nadine G. 

"I have a lot to say...bear with me.  I have two children, boy is 3 and girl, 2.  My son has been in 3 "corporate" day cares and 2 home day cares.  The 3 corporate places were not BAD, but they were just too big and my son, who needs extra attention seemed to fall through the cracks and was miserable going to them.  We tried the first home day care: the lady was very sweet and loving, but the kids rarely brought home any art work and she didn't do anything to educate them.  She gave them love and that was good for a while.  

Our needs changed and we started looking again.  My husband found Miss Nisa... she had to be the 5th person we called.  He got off the phone and said, "She's the one, I just know."  So, we meet her... and I immediately liked her.  I felt that I had found a distant relative - someone who was really going to care for my kids.  She was (is) down to earth, real, honest, confidant, smart, and reassuring (to a mom who worries about everything!).  Nisa knows children and has given me advice many times.  She helps me to see that the tough parts I deal with are temporary and she always has a story to back up her advice.  She sends texts and pictures which I really appreciate!
She greets my children with big smiles and hugs and she tells them that she loves them.  The extra plus I wasn't expecting by sending my kids to NIsa, is ALL the crafts and educational things they do.  I know they sing and do story time, most places do, but the amount of work my kids bring home tells me they are engaged in learning and growing activites.  
A few things I want to mention: Really cool crafts (quality supplies), Birthday Parties - your child will be made to feel SPECIAL!  At Christmastime, both my kids received gifts!  WHO does that???  My son got a birthday gift this week... I am just amazed by all the extra special things they do there.  
I want to mention that the other ladies are great too.  One I don't know well because she was on maternity leave, but the other, Miss Mara is the sweetest lady.  Her face lights up when she talks to me about my kids.  She is such a sweetheart.  

I'm almost done... to the person who had the telephone call.  I think I sort of can understand why you may have felt the way you did.  You see, with Nisa, you're not going to get someone who tells you everything you want to hear, the way you want to hear it, just to get you to sign up with her.  She is really down to earth and honest in her manner of speaking.  She has a strong and confidant voice, she laughs out loud, is joyful and full of life.  Making those calls are never easy... it's hard to think you'll ever find anyone you're actually going to love, to watch your children.  But I'm telling you parents... when your child makes sure you don't forget to say "and God Bless Miss Nisa" before he goes to sleep...well, then, you know you've got the right person."

-Bett D. 

"My little guy started at Miss Nisa's last August. I was the Mom that was crying the night before his first day, worried about my 1year old being with all the big kids in a daycare that always seems to be full (Full = because they are great and nobody wants to leave).  Miss Nisa called me the night before to ask me if I had any questions or concerns... which is when I started balling.  She calmed me down and listened to me as a Mom, not just as a daycare professional.  My conerns were real, and what every parent goes through when you choose a new daycare.  [Our prior daycare closed, where our son was the youngest out of only 5 kids; so going to a daycare with 12 Kids was completely new].

7 Months later, my little guy can't wait to get in the door and into the play room at Miss Nisa's.  I have a hard time getting him to stop and kiss me goodbye, and I just about get a behind the back wave as he rounds the corner on his way to play and learn.  I ask him every morning if he wants to go to 'School' and his answer is always "Yes".  He comes home happy, and with Art projects every week.  He is learning his colors and sings songs to us every night at home... all stuff he learns at Miss Nisa's.  

I had our little guy on a wait list at a pre-school based center for the last year, and recently they called to say they could take us. With how much our little guy is learning and how much he loves the teachers... I couldn't switch him.  Miss Nisa's isn't just a daycare, it's an extension of our home.  I know he get's cared for by Miss Nisa's team the way we care for him at home.  The activities, pictures, artwork, parties are exactly what my 20 month old LOVES. 

Hands down the best referral I have gotten from anyone.  I would not hestate (if we had anymore children) to place them with Miss Nisa and her team from a newborn.

The LOVE from this Daycare is unreal."

-Beth W. 

"Our son will have been going to Miss Nisa's Family Day Care for almost a year now and we can't be more happy to have found such a loving and warm environment for him to spend his days.  It can't be more obvious how much he loves to begin his days at Miss Nisa's as he runs right in the door with hardly a goodbye to us in the morning and greets us each evening with a huge smile at the end of the day.  Not only does our son love it there, but as parents we are comforted knowing that we always have open, honest and constant communication.  As first time parents, we sometimes feel lost when faced with normal childhood transitions and challenges.  Enisa and her staff are always available and willing to lend an ear and offer experienced advice.  We know that each day is filled with fun and learning but there are also special occasions celebrated - birthdays, day care graduations, holidays, etc. which add an extra element of surprise and fun for the kids.  Art is sent home all the time and we enjoy getting photos and updates of all the adventures the kids have.  Our son has also received extra special attention on his birthday and on holidays which just warms our hearts and make us so thankful that he has such loving caregivers to spend time with him when we cannot.  A HUGE thank you to Miss Nisa and all the wonderful staff!!"

-R. D. 

"My twin toddlers have been going to this day care for 4 months now. They had never been to day cre before so at first, they were not happy campers. However, only after a few weeks, my daughter was having a blast and about a month or so after that, her brother came around. Ths day care works closely withe the kids, promoting self eating, art, and dancing. I'd have to say that my twins are far more social now and come back happier than ever! They come home with all their art work and even present them to me when I pick them up! I was lucky to have found this day care for my twins. I even get videos and pics of my kids while they are having fun at the day care."

-Sabrina C. 

"We LOVE Miss Nisa's Family Daycare! Our daughter was there for 2 years until she moved on to preschool when we go to pick up her brother she still wants to get out say "Hi" and give Miss Nisa a hug.  Our son has been there for over a year and he is doing great. This morning when I dropped him off he had the biggest smile on his made me feel great knowing that he was going to a provider that makes him happy. It took him a while to get to this point...I won't lie - he is sooo needy, but Miss Nisa, Miss Almira and Miss Cherie are the best and have worked with him to be happy with them and with the group. 

The best part is that he comes home exhausted because he has played so much and sleeps like a rock through the night!"

-Carey R. 

"I want Miss Nisa to be my first yelp review!  My daughter has been with her for over three years.  I interviewed twelve places before choosing her day care, and I still remember how warmly she addressed my daughter directly.  I am a school teacher, so I have very high expectations with a focus on school readiness.  Miss Nisa and her staff are all about developing, caring for, and teaching the kids!  They have arts and crafts, letter or number of the day, and celebrate holidays, birthdays, and graduations. My daughter comes home with great stories of singing, dancing and playing.  She explains about the art projects, such as taking yellow and red play dough and mixing it until it turns into orange.  She is always happy to go to childcare, and she tells me how much fun she had when I pick her up. Miss Nisa loves my daughter like a family member, and she gives so much to each child.  We are going to preschool soon, and Miss Nisa and her fabulous staff will be missed.  I simply cannot say enough about her level of care."

-Suzanne S. 

"Miss Nisa's daycare staff are warm and supportive. There is an emphasis on learning, developing language and children's social skills. Enisa keeps in constant contact by sending thoughtful texts and pictures of how our child's day is progressing. My daughter squeals in delight every morning when I drop her off. She absolutely loves it there! I feel extremely lucky to have found such a place to look after my child. Another plus is that their prices are very reasonable."

-Oscar R. 

"5 stars...

I have used Miss Nisa's daycare on few occasions for my emergency daycare needs. Needless to say, I was immediately welcomed, and my son was very comfortable within his surroundings. The daycare was immaculate and there was an overabundance of toys for the children to play with.

I was given a courtesy call explaining how he was doing and was happily relieved when I called checking for status. I actually had a difficult time getting him to leave, and I'll definitely be returning the next time I need my little angel watched over."

-Tom F. 

"Miss Nisa's Family Daycare is the best.
The staff is wonderful, very accommodating, and my son loved them.
She provides allot of fun for the kids, and is very structured."

-Jackie T.

"Our son has been attending Miss Nisa's since the fall and we love it! He is excited in the morning to get there and is always happy when we pick him up. The staff is always friendly and informative about his day. It is such a relief to have a place that feels so safe and welcoming for my little one."

-Tandem H.

"I have taken my kids to two other home daycares in the past, and Miss Nisa's is by far the best. Not only is the staff amazing, they treat the kids like family. Parties for all occasions, graduations when the kids leave to preschool (or in our case, kinder), amazing projects and lots and lots of love. The staff is even well equipt to handle kids with ADHD such as our oldest.

My oldest started kinder this year and still tells me he wants to go back during his breaks so he can see everyone and play with his friends. Best place around."

-Shanelle R. 

"I have been dreading this day for a while now, but in the next few weeks my son will be moving from Miss Nisa's Daycare to preschool and its a move that I know he will be successful at due to Miss Nisa and the girls. Have you ever just met a group of people that you instantly know how amazing they are. That's them... From the moment I met them, I knew they were special and had a love for what they do and that my son would be in the best of care...  He has been with Miss Nisa since he was 11 months old and he is now 3 1/2. When he first started he was what you would call "one of the difficult ones" he had a hard transition as Miss Nisa's was his 3rd daycare. They never gave up on him. They worked with him to make him fit in and like a light switch one day he just became the sweet boy I knew he was. Over the past 2 1/2 years watching him grow, the friendships he has made, and the love he has for  Miss Nisa and the girls make me the happiest mom in the world. Not only the friendships he has made, the friendships I have made with them and the other moms is amazing. Friendships that only come around once in a while...  Miss Nisa and the girls are not just his teachers, they are family. The love, support and care they give him is more than what I can ever expect.  He looks forward to going to Miss Nisa's everyday.  Anyone who sends their kids to Miss Nisa's daycare should consider them the luckiest parents in the world! We just love you Miss Nisa, Miss Cherie and Miss Almira and I am eternally thankful for you guys…. "

-Jaclyn P.

 "Where do I start! Miss Nisa's has been the best thing that has happened to us (besides our kids) Our son has been going to Miss Nisa's for almost 2 years now and not a day doesn't he get happy and excited when we pull up the drive way, sometimes when we pick him up he doesnt want to leave. He is so comfortable there and loves Miss Nisa and her staff... They are his home away from home. We never have to worry about him during the day because we know he is safe and having the best time. He learns so much from them and has grown so much! We couldnt ask for a better place and better people to watch him. Thank you Miss Nisa, Miss Cherie and Miss Almira for all you do for our little man! I highly reccommend Miss Nisa's for anyone looking for the most excellent care for your little one!"

-Scott P.

We go here :

She is off of Camden & 85. We had looked at 10 maybe 12 other places before we looked here. Nisa was so warm & her house & "center" was clean & had lots of new (looking at least) toys. Lindy has been going there for 3 weeks now & she seems to love it. No crying when dropped of at all! 

Her rates are really reasonable in my opinion as well.  


"Our daughter going on 2 has been going to Miss Nisa's Family Daycare since she was 6 months old.  She's always excited to be dropped off, talks enthusiastically about all her friends and daily activities and often has so much fun she doesn't want to leave.  They work very closely with all the kids on their letters, numbers and colors and make learning both educational and fun by incorporating daily projects and art activities that our daughter is thrilled to bring home, show off and pin on the wall.  The daycare providers are very caring, open and transparent with the parents which puts us at ease and makes us confident that our daughter is being well taken  care of."

-Allena L. 

"Started our son at Miss Nisa's Daycare In Novermber last year and we are so happy with her care. At the first visit, we appreciated that Miss Enisa took the time to personally answer all of our questions. She was welcoming and warm from the beginning. Even our son appeared to have a sense of safety and comfort the first visit. When he started, he struggled with some separation anxiety and drop offs meant a little bit of crying or whimpering, but it didn't take long for him to stop crying and ease into the routine with the extra support that Enisa and her staff gave him. Enisa does a wonderful job of updating me on how my son is doing through the day and doesn't sugar coat anything, so I know what to expect. She's flexible and listens to any recommendations I have for my son and follows any schedule I have asked of her. Miss Almira and Miss Sherri are wonderful as well. They treat our son with so much are and we are so thankful for them.  The daycare is semi-structured depending on the age and they always have activities and encourage the kids to participate in everything. Maxwell is certainly more vocal, more socially engaging and overall I just continue to see him grow with their support.  I clearly cannot say anything more than good things about this Daycare! Thanks for helping us to raise our son!"

-Dianne L.

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